Rolled leather hides


Every design starts with selecting the highest quality full grain leather available. All of our products are made using vegetable tanned leather sourced from Metropolitan leather in the UK. 

Vegetable tanned leather - created using naturally occurring ingredients such as tree bark, vegetable tanned leather is recognised for its exceptional quality. 

Full Grain (also known as Top Grain) - has the greatest fibre strength and durability, due to the fact that the grain is completely uncorrected; i.e. not sanded or buffed, so unlike most genuine leather found the high street it retains its natural markings. The natural full grain surface maintains the hide's character and wears better than other leathers, developing a natural patina. In order to achieve this only the best raw hides are used to create full grain leather.




This is just a handful of the specialist tools involved in crafting our products. There may be as many as 20 to 30 different tools used to create one handcrafted item. 

Leathercraft tools



We use a variety of traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies, including the following:

Hand stitching - a stitching pony (or clamp - as illustrated, left) is used to hold the leather, freeing both hands to work the two needles, producing the classic saddle stitch. This method results in a substantially more robust than a machine lock stitch. 

Edge finishing - edge bevelling and slicking is a finishing technique reserved for higher quality leather products. 

Laser cutting - a selection of our products are created using a high precision laser cutting process. Whilst maintaining our quality materials ethos, we have expanded our range to include some truly unique, contemporary designs.